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Call Verified Franchise Leads Formula for Success: Simple Yet Effective

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We know that the franchise industry is competitive and fast moving. You need all your time and resources focused on meeting your business goals. You don’t need to have those resources combing through unqualified leads trying to find an individual that fits your profile of a good franchisee.

Our formula for success comes from our Innovator-in-Chief, Natalie Nutter. Natalie was once a franchise consultant. About ten years ago, she was working at bringing in candidates to buy franchises. She quickly realized that the leads she was getting from the traditional sources were unqualified and wasted a lot of her valuable time. Her frustration with the quality of leads she received inspired her to shake things up in franchise sales lead generation.

Natalie was uniquely qualified to successfully overhaul the system. She graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She applied that education in a successful career of mechanical design automation systems in the 80s and 90s.

Seeing a future in business automation systems, Natalie then transitioned to software development. She applied her experience in mechanical automation to the software field and helped the start up Blue Martini Software successfully go public just two years after she joined with a $4.4 Billion peak market cap.

Both her experience in mechanical automation and software development for business automation played well in to her efforts to innovate the franchise sales lead generation process. She developed a proprietary system that identified candidates by interest, financial viability, and geographic area. She then took a step further, by verifying the data she gathered via a live phone call.

She was successful with her new leads. Her colleagues noticed, and soon they wanted some of her leads too. Natalie quickly recognized a growing demand for her product and co founded her first franchise sales lead organization in the mid 2000s.

Over the past decade, Natalie continues to use her unique work experience and creativity to disrupt the normal and innovate the franchise sales lead generation industry. She created the formula that spells out our philosophy. We are not successful unless you are successful.

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