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Since 2004, Call Verified Franchise Leads is The Innovator for the Franchise Lead Generation Industry

Call Verified Franchise Leads is proud to deliver you more than the usual franchise sales leads you get from the other guys. We believe that our leads are more than just franchise sales leads. That’s because we use a call-verification process that confirms the individual’s best contact number, their net worth, their liquid capital reserves, and their interest in your franchise category. In fact, we are so proud of our process that we named the company after it.

But call-verified franchise candidates are just part of the value we bring to the franchise sales lead generation industry. Our proprietary technology has the capability to GEO Target your candidates based on a specific state, county or zip code. Most importantly, Call Verified Franchise Leads does GEO Targeting at no additional charge.

Call Verified Franchise Leads franchise sales lead generation process works like this:

  1. Our networks gather leads of people who want to explore owning a franchise.
  2. We match the prospective franchisee with your custom profile and geographic requirements.
  3. Our team contacts each lead via the phone to verify their data.
  4. We deliver as many candidates as you want per week or month to fit your budget and resource preferences.

Unlike the portals or brokers, we only send you the leads that meet your requirements. If our team of professionals cannot verify the lead’s minimum net worth and liquid capital requirements, interest in your franchise category and desired geographic location that matches your profile, we do not send you the lead, nor are you charged for it.

We know that our services are not for everyone. If you have enough franchisees in all your open territories, then we are not the franchise sales lead company for you. But if you have open territories and need highly qualified candidates to fill them, Call Verified Franchise Leads is the company to help you do just that.

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